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Tires. Have you ever stopped to think just how much your tires do for you on a daily basis? They have a lot riding on them in terms of your vehicle’s safety and performance. When something is this important it just makes sense to take care of it. At Herold Family Automotive and Tire we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to tires. From tire replacements to tire repair to tire rotation, we are the Parma, OH tire shop that truly does it all.

Tires Parma OH

With the average cost of tires, it isn’t surprising that most people don’t look forward to this purchase. Herold Family Automotive and Tire offers a full selection of tires at cost. You read that right. We believe that it is more important to find you the right tire for your vehicle than it is to turn a profit on our tires. If it is time to replace your tires, come check out our selection today.

Tire Rotation Parma OH

We always recommend that you purchase a full set of tires, if possible, rather than replacing one here or there. Rotating your tires increases the likelihood that they will wear out at a similar rate. It also promotes better handling.

Tire Balancing Parma OH

Balancing your tires helps to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout. This makes them roll smoothly with uniformed contact to the road. Balanced tires wear evenly which allows you to avoid purchasing new tires before you were planning to.

Wheel Alignment Parma OH

Proper wheel alignment gives you better control of your vehicle, but it also promotes even tire wear and tear. Today’s alignments are performed on advanced machines and require expertise like you will find at Herold Family Automotive and Tire. We recommend that you have your wheels aligned anytime you purchase new tires, have been in an accident, or if you are noticing issues such as pulling to the left or right.

Tire Repair Parma OH

If your tire is leaking or was recently punctured, you may not have to replace it. Depending on the size, location, and type of damage, there is a chance that it can be safely repaired. Bring your damaged tire in for an inspection and our tire experts will evaluate the issue and let you know if it can be repaired. We never provide tire repairs that could put you at risk. If it shouldn’t be repaired, we won’t do it.

Tires Near Me

When it comes to tires in Parma, OH, you have a lot of choices. Big box, discount tire stores probably don’t have the qualified staff on hand to help with your tire and alignment needs, so why not trust the best auto repair shop in town with your tires? In Parma, OH, that shop is Herold Family Automotive and Tire.

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